« Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil »

Everyone knows the three little monkeys that symbolize non-involvement in the face of any event. These allegorical figures are believed to come from China and introduced to Europe by a Buddhist monk of the Tendai sect towards the eighth century. They were originally associated with Vadjra deity.

The three monkeys are called Mizaru (« I see no evil »), Kikazaru (« I hear no evil ») and Iwazaru (« I’m not saying evil »). Strictly following this precept would allow to be spared from evil.

Today, we can find detestable the idea not to be concerned with the fight against evil. Only small children confuse their vision of the outside world and reality when they cover their eyes with hand to hide themselves. Adults should not do that, and yet…

We still did not face the entire truth because we are afraid. We know that we have left to future generations a deep legacy with regard to environment, biodiversity preservation, exhaustion of natural resources… We do not want to see on television children dying by the millions from lack of drinking water

Today, it is time to change paradigm before it is too late. We are all responsible, not guilty yet.


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