Fisherman memories

Fisherman memories


“Aging is essentially a memory operation. But it is memory that makes all the depth of man ” (Charles Peguy 1873 – 1914)

I wanted to show in this series of portraits footprint carved by years on the faces of old people. Often, the work represented the the be-all and end-all for “workers”. The old fisherman who spent his life at sea can not forget the beautiful sunrises over the sea, nor the storms that threatened to sink his ship. The worker who joined the factory at the dawn of his youth and who emerged in the twilight of his life could see his face, his hands, his body and even his eyes gradually marked by stigma of hard work. And there’s also this old African who smiles remembering encounters in the savannah. If his face is marked by the African sun, his laughing eyes are those of a wise man who took the time to understand what life is.

The faces of old people is like a parchment on which we can read the story of a lifetime.


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