Échec et Mat

Chess Mat

« In some remote corner of the universe, flickering in the light of the countless solar systems into which it had been poured, there was once a planet on which clever animals invented cognition. It was the most arrogant and most mendacious minute in the ‘history of the world’; but a minute was all it was. After nature had drawn just a few more breaths the planet froze and the clever animals had to die. Someone could invent a fable like this and yet they would still not have given satisfactory illustration of just how pitiful, how insubstantial and transitory, how purposeless and arbitrary the human intellect looks within nature; there were eternities during which it did not exist; and when it has disappeared again, nothing will have happened. For this intellect has no further mission that might extend beyond the bounds of human life. Rather, the intellect is human, and only its own possessor and progenitor regards it with such pathos, as if it housed the axis around which the entire world revolved. But if we could communicate with a gnat we would hear that it too floats through the air with the very same pathos, feeling that it too contains within itself the flying center of this world. » (Friedrich Nietzsche)

What is certain is that if human tolerates, from time to time, some signs of intelligence in some animals, this megalomaniac will never accept the idea that he could have competitors in this field. This would question a pyramidal organization of the world that he has imagined for reassurance, putting himself authoritatively at the top. This megalomania could lead this « intelligent animal » (Nietzsche) to ruin.


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