Many to be saved

African memory

African memory


The old man and the elephant

Wolves and bears were once a common sight in Western Europe. The bear was deemed to be the king of animals. Elephants, antelopes and lions roamed North Africa (remember Hannibal). Until the 1800’s, millions of buffalos roamed the wide plains of North America (remember Little Big Man).

But that was before. Before the advent of our wonderful civilization that grows exponentially. Many species inexorably vanish from the earth.

One day, the elderly will say to their grandchildren how it was before… How good it was to see a majestic elephant walking proudly in the African savannah. Crying, they will remember lost paradises from their childhood, because they will regret that they having not done anything, because they will be ashamed to have left ransacked the planet that is intended for the future.

Everyone agrees on this, but very few make really something to avoid predicted disaster.

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