Italia in Arte

Italia in Arte


« David di Michelangelo 2010 » Price

Marc Haumont received in December 2011 two international prices from the cultural association Italia in Arte (Brindisi, Italia). Price « DAVID DI MICHELANGELO 2010 » and the special prize for Human Rights « SALVO OF ACQUISTO 2010. » 120 artists from 26 countries were awarded « … to the message contained in the artworks of selected artists, unbeatable and incomparable, which is the result of their exclusive intellectual, conceptual and professional commitment. »

This award was behind the first edition of a volume entitled « International Table of painters and sculptors 2010. » This book gives artists an international reputation in the current editorial promoting of art


Poetess Maria Torrelli is « referent » in France of  « Italia in Arte » Association


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