If Pinocchio was a horse

Le petit cheval 3

The little horse that dreamed

If Pinocchio was a horse


Pinocchio dreamed of being a child, like other children, beings of flesh and bone.. Well, sure, He lied too often to its creator, the old Gepetto, but which child never lies to his parents? Him, he had no luck : although it was wood, lie showed on his face.

Fortunately for him, Pinocchio is the main character of a story for children and therefore everything ends well in this kind of story. Pinocchio is the story of those who dream of being something else.

The small wooden horse has vain and inordinate ambitions … Just realize, he wants to gallop like a real thoroughbred!

It’s sad that a toy is no longer satisfied making kids laugh. The dream of the little horse is also the dream of those who know (or not) they will never live a normal life (because they don’t live in a tale for children). The small wooden horse would have many things to say…

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