Exhibition at « La Maison des Parents » (Dijon)

Exhibition at « La Maison des Parents » (Dijon)

Maison de Parents à Dijon

Maison de Parents at Dijon

juin-juillet 2016


I decided to expose some of my paintings at La Maison des Parents of Dijon. The main objective of the Maison des Parents is to provide to the relatives of patients,  parents of a hospitalized child or spouse, a hosting solution for the duration of the hospital stay .

I think it’s a very good idea from officials of the institution that hosts hospitalized families. Art must play its primary role to beautify life, or at least to imagine other worlds that allow us to forget a reality that is not always joyful.

The exhibition will be held in the premises of The House of Parents of May 30 to 12 July 2016. This exhibition is not an open to the public.

Address: La Maison des Parents, rue de Cromois, 21000 Dijon

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