Even not afraid !

Even not afraid !

Même pas peur !

Even not afraid !

Little Red Riding Hood is a cautionary tale of the folk tradition.

It contains topics related to sexuality, violence and cannibalism.

Little Red Riding Hood symbolizes the character of the little girl at the gates of puberty, the choice of red color for the hood referring to the menstrual cycle. The village and grandmother’s home are safe places, halfway between childhood and adulthood. To get there, you have to go through the forest, a dangerous place where lurks Big Bad Wolf. The mother tells her daughter the way to go, the « right way. » The girl has an ambiguous attitude, since pretending she get rid of the Wolf, she gives him actually all indications to find and eat her grandmother … Reached her destination, the girl sees that something goes wrong … but ends up in the Wolf’s bed.

However, the wolf is not so bad. He is not nice either. He is just a carnivorous animal that does all he can to survive. He became a rival of the man from the moment this one has invented livestock farming. So we started to spread rumors, false beliefs to certify that this magnificent animal is a dangerous animal.

Man is not a wolf to man. Man is a man to others, and so he need to worry.

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