Art will save the World

« Art will save the World »

(Fiodor Dostoïevski 1821-1881)

Même pas peur !

Even not afraid !

The Dostoevsky’s aphorism was really « Beauty will save the world. » It is pronounced by one of the characters in « The Idiot », Prince Myshkin, who represents the naive who has not been corrupted by society and whose contact with it will cause upheaval, for the most part salutary. But the good Fyodor had a particular conception of beauty, part of goodness and one which can only be of divine essence.

Beyond this religious interpretation, can art really save the world? Art defines any human creation to improve his condition, to sublimate his feelings, to bring pleasure and joy … Art is the shy man’s response to the original creative act.

Art is not concentrated exclusively in the galleries, concert halls or museums. Art is wherever in the world where human is. This is the foundation of all civilization. This is what distinguishes humanity from animality (we now know that animal is fully capable of feeling and that some species have a remarkable intelligence).

Nobody can say whether art will save the world but it helps us to appreciate enough the beauty to want to preserve it, and it’s not so bad.


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