About the artist (that’s me)

The sociologist Edgar Morin said about art: « the aesthetics of the works allows us to develop an aesthetics of everyday life… Nature imitates what the work of art offers it… « . Thus, even if Art will probably not suffice to save the World, as stated by Prince Mychkine, the main character of the « Idiot » by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, in any case he gives us at least arguments for wanting to do so. He invents universes where « the mysteries become inexhaustible information sources, because they are the real that has not let itself be summarized ». The aesthetics of the works is the vector of a simple message: « our world is worth it ».

It should be noted that the exact aphorism delivered by prince Mychkine was actually « beauty will save the World ». The « Idiot » is the naif who has not yet been corrupted by society and which has a very religious conception of beauty, inseparable from the goodness and which can be only of divine essence. Beyond this religious interpretation, the issue of salutary effect of art remains. Art defines any human creation to improve its condition, to sublimate its feelings, to bring pleasure and joy. Art that distinguishes humanity from animality is the timid response from the man with the original creative act. I share the Pascal’s bet to believe in art, and so, in humanity.

The painter

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